The Art of Empowerment

By Demelza Desforges - MIN Ambassador, 23.11.23

The Art of Empowerment 

At Mums In Need we empower women affected by domestic abuse to rebuild their lives. 

Mothers are more likely to experience ongoing coercive and controlling behaviour after leaving an abusive relationship because the perpetrator can use children to continue harming their victim in a pattern of post-separation abuse. 

Coercive-Control & Trauma 

This traumatising form of domestic abuse is insidious and deeply impacts many aspects of life.  Perpetrators will go to great lengths to isolate their victims and control their lives in detrimental ways.  For instance they will create dependence and confusion, this could include isolating the victim from their own family. This form of domestic violence includes controlling and coercive behaviour. It has drastic ramifications in many areas of life, impacting on practical and emotional sides of life. It causes anxiety, shame, exhaustion and substance misuse to name but a few. The perpetrator will undermine their victim, causing damage to health and self-esteem. They control finances and will exploit their victim’s ability to earn and spend financial resources. Recognising all the detrimental impacts of domestic violence, our charity supports mothers (and their children) who are suffering from post-separation abuse by helping to counteract the negative effects of coercive control and trauma. 

Mind, Body and Soul

Trauma has a profound effect on the mind, body and soul. The fight or flight response is a human defence mechanism. As a way of coping, many people automatically disconnect from their minds and bodies during trauma. Mums In Need offers holistic services by providing help and advice in comprehensive, accessible ways.  Mums In Need helps survivors reclaim their lives by supporting them to reconcile with all aspects of their lives which have been damaged by domestic violence.

Healing Art

Art has long been used to heal and transform lives. Tattoos are a recognised medium of self-expression. As well as looking good, beautifully designed tattoos can become powerful symbols of inner-strength and survival.  Trauma survivors may find solace and empowerment in the process of choosing and receiving a tattoo.  

U.F. Tattoo Studio Sheffield Partnership

Mums In Need have continued to secure crucial partnerships. These amplify our visibility in the community and help to generate monthly income necessary to deliver our services. 

One of these important partnerships is with Union Forge Tattoo Studio at 5 Chaucer Road, Sheffield.  

A massive THANK YOU to the amazing team there, who have been using their creative skills to raise awareness and vital funds for Mums In Need through initiatives such as their ‘Win a Tattoo’ Raffle. 

We are very grateful for their dedication to the cause.

As well as raising vital funds and awareness for Mums In Need, the partnership between U.F Tattoo Studios and MIN can use the power of the artistry of tattoos to facilitate healing and personal transformation. 

This has already been the case, as one of the mums who we have previously supported has recently used the studio for her own creative tattoo. 

Together we’re not just making a difference, we’re helping survivors reclaim their body, mind and souls after abuse.

How you can help:

Thank you for your time and interest in supporting Mums In Need. 

Have a nice day :)