Frequently Asked Questions

What type of support can I access?

Is there a cost?

To access our support, we ask for a monthly donation of £5 where financially possible. 

This is a voluntary donation, and is not essential to receive support.

How do I contact you?

You can phone us on our FREE phone number 0800 852 7414 

or email us

If you would like to contact a certain member of the team, you can find individual contact details on 'Our Team' page.

What Information do you need from me?

We will need your contact details including your name, email address and phone number, to add you onto our waiting list.

Once we have a space confirmed for you, we'll send you a quick form to gather some extra information which will include your address and other details.

Mums In Need ensure that the data that we acquire about you, remains confidential. Click here to read our Privacy Statement.

Who can refer to Mums In Need?

Self Referral: You can self refer for support from us, this is how we get most of our referrals. 

To refer yourself to join the waiting list, please email and include the following information in your email:

External Referral: We accept referrals from external agencies and from friends and family.

If you’re from an external agency and are referring a client to MIN, please include their full name, email address and contact number in your email to us. Please note that all our initial communications are via email, so your client’s email address must be provided before we can add them to our waiting list. 

Please ensure your client is aware they’re being referred to MIN and has given you their permission to be added to our waiting list.

How quickly will you contact me after I’ve got in touch?

We are a small organisation, with increasingly high demand. After contacting us, you will be placed onto our waiting list. As soon as you are at the top of the list, we will send you a pre-screening consultation form which we will ask you to complete. 

Please note: Our waiting list for consultations open for one month: 1st - 31st May 2024.

Our waiting list will be closed again from Saturday 1st June, so we’ll be unable to accept any new referrals sent later than Friday 31st May.  To join our waiting list, you can self-refer, or be referred via an external agency (e.g. social worker).

What is emotional abuse?

Please see the 'What is Coercive Control' on our website.

I’m still with my abusive partner, can I still get support?

Unfortunately, we only offer support to mothers who are no longer in a relationship with their abusive partner.

I’ve left an emotionally abusive relationship but don’t have children. Am I eligible for support from you?

We only offer support to mothers who have left emotionally abusive relationships. However, there are other charities which you can go to for help. If you are based in Sheffield, you can contact DACT (Sheffield Domestic Abuse Co-Ordination Team)

What sessions can I attend?

You are welcome to attend any sessions you feel may be of benefit to you.

Could you represent me in court?

We are not solicitors and we will not speak for you in court. We do however, offer legal support in partnership with several solicitors who are sensitive and knowledgeable about abusive relationships.  

Does your legal support include support for divorce or financial settlements?

Unfortunately not.  The legal support that we offer is for the family court process.

What is child maintenance and does my partner need to pay it?

Child maintenance is regular financial support towards the cost of raising your child from your ex-partner. It also helps keep both parents involved in their children’s lives. You can arrange the child maintenance agreement between yourselves or, if you can’t agree, you can try mediation or ask the Child Maintenance Service (formerly the Child Support Agency or CSA), or the courts to get involved. To learn more about child maintenance click here: 

Is a family-based arrangement right for me?

You arrange the child maintenance agreement between yourself and your ex-partner. This would mean having to have some form of communication with your ex-partner. To learn more about family-based arrangements click here: 

Is a statutory arrangement right for me?

If there’s a breakdown in communications with your ex-partner – or worse – the Child Maintenance Service will work out the child maintenance amount and, if necessary, collect it and pass it on. To learn more about statutory arrangements click here: 

Do you have a charity shop?

Unfortunately not. We used to have one, but due to lack of space and resources it is no longer feasible.

Do you take physical donations?

Unfortunately we don't. We no longer have a charity shop so we are not in a position to accept donations at this time. 

However, you may want to email Ashiana Women's Refuge or call Sheffield Women's Aid on 0114 236 6423 to see if they are able to receive donations.  

If you would still like to make a donation to MIN, we are always in need of cash donations and would be extremely grateful.

How can I make a cash donation?

Mums In Need are grateful for all of the donations that we receive. We have loads of ways for you to donate.

Go to our 'Donate' page to find out more.

Do you have paid staff?

Mums In Need have recently been in a fortunate position to recruit some more paid staff. We currently have one part time CEO, and 7 part time staff. Find out more about our team here.

Do you have volunteers working with you?

Mums In Need relies heavily on the help of volunteers. Without their support, we would not be able to keep supporting our mums.

We are very privileged to have a team of volunteers working directly with us on a long term basis.  Each year we also have volunteers who are with us temporarily on student placements.

We also have support from volunteers from the Lived Experience Leadership programme, who help us with our social media.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Mums In Need, please contact to find out if we have any upcoming roles.

How many Trustees do you have?

We have 8 trustees in total. Click here to find out more about our Trustees.