Our Team

Laura Riley,

Founder & CEO

Laura set up Mums In Need in 2014 and continues to confront coercive control today. She is deeply passionate about helping others who are in a situation that she is only too familiar with. She wants to support women who otherwise may have nowhere else to go.

Along with the daily running of the charity Laura has a hand in all that the charity does, from recruiting new members to attending networking events. Laura ensures the efficient running of the day-to-day operations of the charity. Her goal is to help as many women as possible across the country. She wants to help them feel empowered in confronting coercive control rather than being victims.

To find out more about Laura, see Our Founder's Story.


Cristina, Caseworker

Cristina took on the role of caseworker in September 2020.

Cristina was drawn to working at Mums In Need by the amount of support we give to our service users who are going through extremely difficult and traumatic experiences. Cristina wanted to be able to offer the same amount of support to the women and help them to improve their confidence and move on with their lives.

'The positive differences I have seen during my time at Mums In Need have been incredibly rewarding and I feel honoured to provide support to these women. They are on a tough journey and it is great that they can turn to us for support during this time.'


Kathryn, Administrator

Following almost two decades working in marketing, advertising and business administration, Kathryn joined Mums In Need as an Administrator in September 2020. After seeing the role advertised on a jobs app while casually browsing through the vacancies, Kathryn viewed the Mums In Need website and was so inspired by the charity’s purpose, mission and values that she immediately sent in an application.

As an Administrator, Kathryn’s role is varied and encompasses many aspects of keeping Mums In Need running efficiently and effectively behind the scenes. Having previously experienced a similar situation to the women that Mums In Need supports, she firmly believes that a woman’s past does not determine her future, and that all women have the right to access help and guidance to improve their situation and help them achieve their potential.

Kathryn is a keen runner, stationery addict and proud single mum, who is passionate about encouraging and supporting women to achieve full, rewarding, and confident lives.

“Administration is often hugely underrated but is the backbone of any office. I’m passionate about women’s rights, independence and wellbeing, so it’s a privilege to work for a charity that provides so much essential support to women at a time in their lives when they need it most.


Board of Trustees

Richard, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Richard became a Trustee in November 2019.

Laura, who lives on the same street as Richard, told him about Mums In Need's work to confront coercive control and its need for trustees. Richard had long believed men should be engaged in this struggle and because of his experience as a charity trustee, he was delighted to apply to join the Board, of which, he is now the Chair. Richard's focus is on planning our development and seeking resources for us to grow.

"As someone who recently retired from university work, I could not have made a better decision than to join the MIN board. The value of MIN's work goes without saying. I am simply thrilled by the company I am keeping: everyone is a delight to work with! And these are exciting times for MIN, as we seek to secure our future."


Andrea, Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Andrea joined Mums In Need in 2018 as an admin volunteer while studying Law at the University of Sheffield. She found that being able to use some of her knowledge and skills to help with the administration of the charity was a very rewarding experience, and therefore joined the Board of Trustees in 2019.

Having studied law for the past 5 years, Andrea is assisting MIN with the governance of the charity and putting in place systems to make sure that the staff and volunteers at MIN are able to carry out their all so important work.

"To know that I am part of Mums In Need's journey in confronting coercive control and that I am potentially making a difference along the way with the other amazing people at Mums In Need is the most rewarding part of it all."


Rhian, Treasurer for the Board of Trustees

Rhian became a Trustee in November 2019 after meeting Laura Riley at a networking event run by the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. From just one encounter she was inspired and decided to find out more about MIN and how she could support the charity.

With over 16 years of HR experience and also being on the Board of Directors for a recruitment firm for 10 of those, Rhian has utilised her skills to enhance and develop strong procedures throughout the charity as well as work with the rest of the team to ensure continual improvement in every area.

"I am delighted to be working with such an amazing group of people, being able to use my experience to support such a good cause and also develop my skills by learning more from those around me."


Antony, Trustee

Antony joined Mums In Need as a trustee in 2016 after volunteering with the organisation in its formative period. Antony is therefore one of MIN's first trustees!

He feels passionately about Mums In Need’s mission and the need for an organisation for women in situations of emotional and psychological abuse.

Antony is a journalist by profession, has experience dealing with people at all levels of business and asking the kind of questions that aim to ensure organisations are run well, with governance a key area of his work.

“I am very happy to bring whatever skills I can to help Mums In Need minimise the effects of coercive control on women and its effects on future generations.”


Tracie, Trustee

Tracie joined Mums In Need as a Trustee in October 2020. Tracie is a retired Specialist Nurse and NHS Service Manager with over 20 years experience.

Tracie, until recently, was a Trustee at her local Hospice where she was also a Bereavement Listening Support Volunteer. Following her retirement Tracie commenced her training as a Counsellor and is enjoying her Diploma Level studies. It was a fellow student who introduced her to MIN. Tracie was intrigued and following further research felt inspired by the organisation and actively pursued joining MIN as a volunteer.

She wishes to share her experiences to enable MIN to continue to support Mums and their families to restore a sense of agency to women and their families as they try to rebuild their lives and secure their future..

“I feel both proud and privileged to be part of a team who are raising awareness of the pervasive effects of coercive control whilst celebrating the bravery of women.”


Graham, Trustee

Graham joined Mums In Need as a fundraising volunteer at the beginning of 2020, helping with corporate fundraising and bid writing, and recently took the step of joining the board to offer more strategic support.

With a background in Corporate Fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Volunteering across the Private, Voluntary and Public sectors, Graham is able to offer an insight into what corporate partners are looking for and how to pitch the charity to potential funders and partners.

"It's great to be able to support a small local charity, where I feel I can make a real difference whilst developing my own strategic and leadership skills"


Leanne, Trustee

Leanne joined as a trustee in March 2021 after reading an article about Mums In Need being a charity of the year for a business in Sheffield.

A senior HR professional with a bias towards Talent Management, Learning and Development and Coaching & Mentoring. She has worked for a number of blue chip companies in the UK and internationally and brings corporate experience to help us on our path to growth.

"I am delighted to be working with such an amazing group of people, being able to use my experience to support such a good cause and also develop my skills by learning more from those around me."



Heidi, Counsellor

Heidi is an experienced counsellor, having been qualified since 2012, she has a particular interest in the power dynamics of inter-relational abuse due to her own personal experiences. Heidi helps her clients deal more effectively with difficulties by assisting them to tap into their inner-resources and find their own direction.

Heidi works in compassionate and non-pathologising way, aiming to offer hope during difficult times, followed by healing.

"I have been connected to Mums In Need for a few years now and I offer telephone counselling to women who use Mums In Need's services."


Sally, Counsellor

Sally is an experienced and qualified counsellor who has worked with a wide range of difficulties faced by individuals.

Sally will provide counselling for mums who have left emotionally and mentally abusive relationships. She is extremely passionate about being there to help and listen to mums in these circumstances and help them to move forwards in a safe space.

"I feel excited and privileged to join the team at Mums In Need. Rebuilding a life in the aftermath of coercive control, particularly when the perpetrator is a parent to the mum's child/children, is often a complex process. The funding to increase this service will make a huge difference."



Media & Marketing Team

Lucy, Media & Marketing Team

Lucy started volunteering with Mums In Need in 2019 whilst studying Medicine at the University of Sheffield.

As part of her role, Lucy schedules social media posts and organises schemes to include businesses into fundraising.

"I believe in the importance of social media in connecting with people from a whole lot of different backgrounds and communities, and in making connections with local businesses."


Stephanie, Media & Marketing Team

Steph started volunteering with Mums In Need in June 2020 whilst studying History at the University of Sheffield.

Steph is part of our Media & Marketing Team, and assists in promoting the services on offer through weekly blog posts and curating social media posts to keep the public well informed of our services.

“I am looking forward to volunteering with MIN in order to help to promote the invaluable work they do and allowing them to continue make a difference in the lives of many women."


Darcy, Media & Marketing Team

Darcy started volunteering with Mums In Need in June 2020 whilst studying History at the University of Sheffield.

As a member of the Media & Marketing Team, Darcy works on operations, creating content for both the website and social media posts.

“I really wanted to find a way to give back to the Sheffield community, and I have found a way to do that with MIN whilst making a positive change in many people's lives"


Media & Marketing Team

Bryony joined the Media and Marketing team at Mums In Need in October 2020, just as she started her master’s in International Public and Political Communication at the University of Sheffield. She previously worked as a social media content specialist at a corporate business consultancy for a year since graduating her undergraduate degree in Multimedia Journalism.

Bryony works on operations – keeping social media pages and our website up to date with the latest information.

“Marketing is a key part of any organisation, I want to use my skills and experience to help people who need the support to be able to find it. I really enjoy social media marketing, you can see results right in front of you.”


Keeley, Media & Marketing Team

Keeley is a third year student at the University of Sheffield, and she studies History and Politics. Since university moved online, Keeley wanted to do something positive with the extra time she has - she started volunteering with Mums In Need in November 2020.

"I am really looking forward to working with Mums In Need to promote their amazing work in Sheffield, and getting more involved in the wider community"


Sarah, Media & Marketing Team

Sarah started volunteering with Mums In Need in November 2020 whilst studying Sociology and Criminology at the University of Sheffield, where she began learning about domestic abuse and wanted to help raise awareness. Sarah works on fundraising, creating innovative new fundraising and advertising MIN events.

“I am looking forward to volunteering with MIN, being a part of a cohesive team of people who are all promoting awareness for such a fundamental cause and making a positive impact within the Sheffield community.”


Other Volunteers

Alan, IT Volunteer

Alan has been with Mums In Need for over 4 years, and is one of our first volunteers.

Through his 39 years as a Systems Technician in the I T and computer hardware industry he has gained extensive and specialised IT skills which he now shares with MIN. His role has recently changed to not only providing technical support, but also fundraising opportunities in the IT industry.

"I was looking for some way to use my skills in a positive way. It was some years back when I got new neighbours I found out about MIN, as my new neighbours were Laura and her family. They needed computers, I had them and then began a long association with the charity. So here I am and very happy to be here."


Penny, Volunteer

Penny has volunteered for MIN for several years now, starting with a live cabaret event she produced to raise funds for the charity.

A professional actor for over 30 years, Penny has a keen interest in combining her love of theatre with the subject of mental Health, especially pertaining to the effects of domestic abuse on the victim, informed by her own personal experience of this.

Penny currently assists MIN front of house with the well being sessions.


Shreya, Group Support Volunteer

Shreya started volunteering with Mums In Need in November 2020 whilst studying medicine at the University of Sheffield.

Shreya works on group support, helping out the media and marketing team with with the blogs, creating and designing content, paperwork and any other things that need doing.

"I am glad I am able to offer my services to such an important charity, and after volunteering with Mums In Need for my community placement, I am excited I decided to stay on and make a positive impact."


Silmiya, Conversation Cards

Silmiya is a mum and a graduate medical student at the University of Sheffield.

"I volunteered with MIN as part of my community placement and I fell in love with their work. I was amazed to know how supportive and genuine care they provide for mothers who have undergone emotional abusive relationships to start their life again. Therefore, I have decided to continue volunteering with the amazing team."


Janet, Admin Volunteer

Janet started volunteering with Mums In Need in January 2021. Janet met Laura a number of years ago and knew about her amazing work with mums in Sheffield. It was a remarkable coincidence that she once again met Laura when she had recently taken early retirement and was looking for a voluntary placement.

Janet has a background in administration, information and IT within Social Services, Housing and the voluntary sector. Deciding that it was time to try something different, Janet had a change of career and worked as a garden designer which was fulfilling for its creativity. A change of location led to a move to Sheffield and a return to an administration post with a charity that was not only rewarding but also provided a good insight into the running of a charity and what is required on a day to day basis.

'It was always my wish to be able to volunteer when I retired and I am fortunate to be able to do so for Mums In Need. I have enjoyed all of my administrative roles and have seen the importance of the organisation and structure that kept things running smoothly. I feel it is essential to help women find their voice and Mums In Need offers support when it is needed most'


Mark, Finance admin volunteer

Mark has been volunteering with Mums In Need since May 2021. He works as a hospital porter at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

Mark is helping with the Bookkeeping for Mums in Need and is currently updating the income and purchasing documents on a monthly basis. He is also recording the money donated through the Mums in Need charity tins at various shops and businesses in Sheffield.

“I have known Laura for many years and when she asked if I would consider volunteering with Mums in Need, I was happy to help out. I believe the work her charity is doing is invaluable for the women and children affected.


Fundraising Team

Kathy, Fundraising Team

Kathy joined Mums In Need at the end of 2019. She has lots of experience of volunteering for local charities and is currently also a volunteer for St Luke’s hospice. She works part-time for Abbeyfield and is in the process of completing a foundation year in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Kathy hopes to support the promotion of Mums In Need through her experience of public speaking at local groups and networking events, alongside assisting the fundraising team.

"I am passionate about supporting mums that find themselves in distressing and challenging situations through no fault of their own."



Sara Pascoe, Comedian

Sara met our CEO at Stylist Magazine's Remarkable Women Awards 2019. Since finding out about what we do, Sara has been a huge supporter of Mums In Need. Sara hosted a wonderful evening in support of Mums In Need on the 21st December 2019 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, including a handful of other top female comics.

Susan Cookson, Actress

Susan started volunteering with Mums In Need in 2018, shortly before she was whisked off to Emmerdale village to play villainous Lee's mother, Wendy Posner! Susan played an essential part in getting our office back up and running back in February when we moved offices, and continues to provide her support when she can.