The power of your donations:

Mums In Need provides assistance to mums navigating through post separation abuse. The duration of support for our mothers typically ranges around 15 months, depending on the complexity of the case; however, some may remain in our care for an extended period. On average, it costs MIN £4,886 to support one Min throughout their journey with us.

Here is Asha's story:

"Mums In Need provided me with a safe space to talk freely with people who understand the problems I was facing. They listened without judgement and gave the support I needed when I just didn't know how to cope. They have helped me to focus on healing so that I can thrive again and be the best mum I can be for my children. MIN has helped me reclaim my body and manage my finances, tackling the devastation left by coercive control. MIN has a big impact in helping women like me and their children rebuild safer and thriving lives."

Every contribution makes a difference!

£5 Covers a day travel pass for a mum needing our services.

£10 monthly: Funds a social media campaign to reach more women in need.

£75 Helps a mum attend a vital 1:1 counselling session.

£100 Contributes towards legal support for a mum in court.

£150 Provides 3 hours of one on one casework support for three Mums.

£325 Funds a comprehensive support package for a mum for one month.

Give the gift of hope!  

Donate a one time gift or choose the convenience of a recurring monthly donation.

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