100 Club

Join our 100 Club!

Want to be in with a chance of winning money every month?

Join our 100 Club for only £2 a month and be entered into a monthly draw to win a cash prize! 40% of the profit goes to that month’s winner, 10% goes towards a big Christmas prize, and 50% goes to the charity!  

To join our 100 Club:

How does the 100 Club work?

Each ticket counts as one entry, and each ticket costs £2 so if you buy 1 ticket per month it will be £24/year.  You can buy as many tickets as you would like, there is no limit. 

50% of the money raised each month by the 100 Club will support Mums In Need and the other 50% will be used as prize money for its members. 40% of this prize money will go to the winner each month and 10% will go towards a big Christmas prize!

So, if 100 tickets are bought each month, the total money raised will be £200 and the monthly prize will be £80. The more tickets sold, the more the prize grows, and the more money raised to help us carry on supporting our Mins. 

The draw occurs on the 28th of each month, or shortly after if the 28th falls on a weekend.

Please spread the word to friends and family - anyone can sign up at any time! Just email us to tell us you're interested in joining, at: 


Sponsor the 100 Club

We are looking for corporate sponsors for the 100 Club. 

Sponsor our 100 Club

The 100 Club is Mums In Need's very own private monthly lottery.

By sponsoring our 100 Club you will be helping us to raise presence in the community, and also help us to raise more funds.

We have 3 different levels of sponsorship to suit individual businesses, from just £50 per month.

Want to find out more? Click on the package to the right --->

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Copy this link to share this package on social media: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1J9pkzKtWL7WLpjSMbLeEV_CFE-HS_DHN/view

Our Supporter Josephine talks us through our sponsorship package:

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We would love for you to get involved. Please email enquiries@mumsinneed.com to find out more.