Who we support

Mums In Need (MIN) is a Sheffield based charity that supports mums who are experiencing post separation domestic violence. 

We provide our Mins (mums) with support right from the start of their referral and will continue to support them for as long as they need us. We provide them with practical support, and offer an array of tailored services that are designed to improve emotional and physical wellbeing.

To be eligible for support from us, you must:

The kind of support you can receive from us:

Practical support:

We provide our Mins with an array of practical help via their own 1:1 Caseworker who will act as a regular form of contact and will offer advice and support. They can also recommend attending sessions such as peer support groups, financial support workshops, and legal support and educational groups.

Emotional  support:

Your Caseworker can also support with emotional support, and can therefore recommend counselling sessions, and group sessions that focus on emotional wellbeing.

Physical wellbeing:

Your Caseworker can also give you access to an array of physical wellbeing sessions (some of these maybe seasonal activities and may depend on funding) such as yoga, fitness sessions, horticultural therapy. We believe that these kinds of sessions will also support your emotional wellbeing.