Find a Penny Pick it up

As part of our ‘Find a Penny Pick it up’ penny appeal, Mums In Need are asking our supporters to help us raise funds by donating their loose change. Give all those 2ps and 5ps collecting uselessly at the bottom of your purse and wallet to a great cause by helping our charity in our fundraising efforts.

Find a charitable new use for the money saved from your household swear jar! Challenge your kids to a treasure hunt to find all the loose change hidden down the back of sofa cushions and thrown onto table tops around your house! Declutter all those 2ps ricocheting around your glovebox in your car!

Why don’t you take a designated ‘penny purse’ on a night out and encourage your friends to put their change into it after buying a round?

Or host a ‘penny party’ where everyone brings their own wine, pizzas and snacks and compile all your change into one donation.

Help your colleagues to wipe away those Monday blues with #MINMondays and make the first Monday of every month your designated day to empty your work place penny pot.

To donate your pennies to our important cause you can arrange a time to drop your pennies off at our MIN office. Please contact us for the address.

Alternatively you can directly transfer the money directly to MIN. You can find our account details here.

Email our social media team at to arrange your drop off.