Our Fundraisers Parade

Check out the incredible progress our fundraisers have made in 2024!

As a charity, we deeply value our dedicated fundraisers who work tirelessly to raise funds in support of mum facing post separation abuse. Your efforts not only generate crucial funds for the charity but also raise awareness about our cause and post separation abuse.

This year, we have witnessed remarkable fundraising initiatives, including coast-to-coast biking treks, menopause workshops, Mountain Treks, bake sales, and many other creative endeavours.

Take a look below to track the progress of our incredible fundraisers 👇

If you are interested in fundraising for MIN and want to be showcased on our website, please reach out to socialmedia@mumsinneed.com. 

Remember to claim your FREE t-shirt by emailing socialmedia@mumsinneed.com and tag us on social media so we can promote your incredible efforts.

Current Fundraisers

Past Fundraisers