1:1 Counselling

We can arrange for you to have 1:1 counselling with our counsellor Heidi.

Meet Heidi.

Counsellor Heidi Wilke provides our mums with counselling through Mums In Need. To offer hope during difficult times and heal when they are over, Heidi assists our women with finding their feet again.

Heidi is an experienced counsellor, having been qualified since 2012, and has a particular interest in the power dynamics of inter-relational abuse due to her personal experiences. She works to offer hope during difficult times, followed by healing when they are over. 

If you are a service user and would like 1:1 counselling with Heidi, don't hesitate to contact enquiries@mumsinneed.com.

If you are not on our caseload but would like to receive counselling by Heidi, please visit her website, Haich Counselling,

"I have been connected to Mums In Need for a few years now and I offer telephone counselling to women who use Mums In Need's  services." - Heidi

Please visit Our Team page to read more about Heidi and the rest of the team at MIN.