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Businesses: We Need Your Help

Union Forge Tattoo Studio & Ting Studio are neighbouring Sheffield based businesses who have joined forces to become Mums In Need's latest partnership.

We are delighted to have them both on board with our mission to control coercive control and welcome them to our MIN family.

The duo support MIN in the following ways:

*Each week Union Forge set aside half a day to create small tattoo's and donate 50% of the proceeds directly to Mums In Need.

*Regularly fundraising with the proceeds being donated to MIN.

*Display MIN charity tins in the studios for customers wishing to donate their loose change.

*Display MIN posters around their studios.

*Gifting us the use of their shared space for wellbeing sessions and events.

*Helping us to spread awareness via social media campaigns and other means.

Union Forge Tattoo Studio & Ting Studio have achieved this with:

*Zero cost implications to them.

*A method that is easy to set up, and to maintain.

The Team At Union Forge

We hope to be a great asset to the small local charity and be a big part of its growth and continued determination to help mums of domestic violence.

Mums In Need are on the hunt for more businesses who can work with us in a similar way. 

If this could be you, please contact us at

Find out more about the partnering with us below:

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