Partnering with Mums In Need Means Changing Lives

By Annie Moon - MIN Trustee, 20.10.23

Mums In Need is a local Sheffield-based charity building a sustainable future for mums affected by post-separation abuse.  

Our clients (we call them Mins) say things like:

“It is a relief to be able to talk with other mums who have similar experiences and understand what you are going through”

“The last 12 months since finding MIN have been transformative. I no longer feel alone and confused about coercive control”

Key to our ongoing success are the caring local companies who want to give back to their community, improving the lives of local people, be they their employees, employees’ loved ones or the customers that they serve.  Partnering with MIN means that companies are directly helping mums navigate post-relationship emotional abuse, working towards a brighter future for them and their children.

Mums In Need has developed a locally-based model that enables local companies to go above and beyond in their aspirations, seeing the real positive impact that their efforts create.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our top tips for the model that we’ve developed to do this, highlight our wonderful corporate partners and invite others to step forward to enable us to do even more.

How we do it:

#1 We get to know you and you us! Everything starts with a conversation so that we can discover more about one another and whether we both feel that we’re a good fit.

#2 If both partners feel that there’s a match, then the next step is to scope out what our mutual collaboration would look like.  All our partnerships have several components of which donations are only one element. We build a bespoke partnership that can include communications support, meeting space, in-kind expertise, leveraging networks…This list is by no means exhaustive.

#3 Making it happen! We formalise the partnership by capturing it in an agreement and then we get going! Together, we’ll trial it, review it and tweak it. 

#4 We make it easy - a win-win for us is that you love partnering with us and the fact that it is hassle-free, while doing what it says on the tin. We have off-the-peg ongoing fundraising initiatives that you can tap into or we can focus 100% on a bespoke in-kind give back.

#5 We’re all about long term relationships. Our valued partners mean everything to us and are essential for our long term sustainability. We want to build foundations and, year-on-year, for our partners to see the incredible positive difference that they’re making. We want you to feel engaged with MIN, part of the MIN family and that your contribution matters.

Our partnerships

We’re proud to showcase our current portfolio of six business partnerships that we’re eager to increase to ten over the next 12 months. 

These are across different sectors:

Get in touch

If you’re a Sheffield-based business and want to be our next partner, then please get in touch for an initial chat