Into the Darkness.

By Demelza Desforges - MIN Ambassador, 19th October 2022.

Into the Darkness

We are now well into October. I love to appreciate all the little things that make each season unique. Autumn, for me, conjures up memories of foraging for mushrooms to bake in a tart, running through puddles with my children and marvelling at the wonderful changing colours on display from mother nature. Though beautiful, those falling leaves do represent the shedding of summer. It can be hard to accept  that those warm jovial days are gone for another year. As the nights grow longer and the sun makes itself scarce, some people may face added struggles in looking after their mental health.  We have gathered up some tips to consider if you are finding this transition difficult. This advice may not be right for everyone, just use what works for you. Don’t forget to always prioritise your wellbeing.


Look after your physical health

This can have a positive impact on how you feel emotionally by lifting the mood and giving you more energy.


Go Outside

Spend time out of the house even when the weather makes it more difficult.  When days are shorter I like to get out on my lunch break. Even when it's windy or cold,  embracing the outdoors can clear the mind. Grab your coat, put on a warm hat and go for a brisk walk round the block. The fresh air will energise you and help you be more productive. 

Being out in the open can help your mental health.  If you can’t get out to the countryside, recharge in nature by finding some trees at a local green space. Appreciate the beautiful changing colours of autumn. If you can’t go outside, try to spend time by the window during the daytime hours to get a bit of natural light. 

Get winter ready

The darker months have their challenges. The lack of sun makes it colder. The plummeting temperatures mean more electricity consumption. Add to that the warranted fears over rising energy bills, climate change and the situation in Ukraine; it's no wonder that we feel apprehensive and uneasy.

Embrace the darkness

Try to appreciate each season for what it offers. Turn complaints into gratitude wherever possible. Have a good moan and then draw positives from the situation. It is ok to move towards the discomfort and sit with the darkness, face your fears and discomfort. Without the dark we wouldn’t appreciate the light. 

Listen to what you need 

 Your mind and body are always giving you signs as to what they need to keep going. Listen and give yourself what you need. Be kind and generous with yourself

Some of these suggestions may already be ingrained into your lifestyle, or perhaps the list will prompt you on those days when you feel low.  We may not be able to enjoy things in the same way we did in the warmer months so looking after your mental health can become more challenging in winter. It’s okay to feel out of sorts. Just remember that you can always fight the gloominess by adding colour to your winter life. Acknowledge difficult emotions and remind yourself that there are lots of steps you can take to protect and maintain your wellbeing.