What We Do

Mums In Need (MIN) is a Sheffield based charity that supports mums who are experiencing post separation domestic violence. We were founded to support mothers who have been subjected to domestic emotional abuse and violence. MIN provides practical guidance and emotional support to mums who have left abusive partners but are still suffering ongoing coercive control after separation. We work with mums to empower them with the skills and confidence to move forward with their lives after the relationship has ended.

Our Services:

At Mums In Need, we aim to provide our women with as many comprehensive services as possible - shown below in the categories of practical support, and emotional wellbeing. Please note: counselling sessions and legal support is dependent on funding.

As well as these core services, we offer exciting well-being projects, including various online sessions. Our well-being sessions are hosted by Mums In Need or in partnership with professionals that we highly recommend (our team vets all third parties). Please see below for further information.

To access our support, we ask for a monthly donation of £5 where financially possible. This is a voluntary donation, and is not essential to receive support. All services and sessions there after are free of charge to all of our Mins (mums using our service).

Practical Support:

  • Support and advice via 1:1 caseworker sessions.

  • Practical support via peer support groups.

  • Coffee mornings.

  • Signposting.

  • Financial support via workshops.

  • Legal support and education

Emotional Wellbeing:

  • Counselling services.

  • Emotional wellbeing sessions.

  • Peer Support sessions

1:1 Counselling For Our Service Users

Heidi Wilke

Counsellor Heidi Wilke provides our mums with counselling through Mums In Need. To offer hope during difficult times and heal when they are over, Heidi assists our women with finding their feet again.

Heidi is an experienced counsellor, having been qualified since 2012, and has a particular interest in the power dynamics of inter-relational abuse due to her personal experiences. She works to offer hope during difficult times, followed by healing when they are over.

If you are a service user and would like 1:1 counselling with Heidi, don't hesitate to contact enquiries@mumsinneed.com.

If you are not on our caseload but would like to receive counselling by Heidi, please visit her website, Haich Counselling,

"I have been connected to Mums In Need for a few years now and I offer telephone counselling to women who use Mums In Need's services." - Heidi

Please visit Our Team page to read more about Heidi and the rest of the team at MIN.

Sally Moore

We also have Counsellor Sally Moore providing our mums with counselling through Mums In Need. Sally is an experienced and qualified counsellor who has worked with a wide range of difficulties individuals face.

Sally will provide counselling for mums who have left emotionally and mentally abusive relationships. She is highly passionate about being there to help and listen to mums in these circumstances and help them to move forwards in a safe space.

If you are a service user and would like 1:1 counselling with Sally, don't hesitate to contact enquiries@mumsinneed.com.

If you are not one of our service users but would like to receive counselling by Sally, please visit her website for more information: https://essencecounsellinghub.co.uk/

"I feel excited and privileged to join the team at Mums In Need. Rebuilding a life in the aftermath of coercive control, particularly when the perpetrator is a parent to the mum's child/children, is often a complex process." - Sally

Please visit Our Team page to read more about Sally and the rest of the team at MIN.

Personal Wellbeing:

  • Weekly fitness sessions.

  • Yoga sessions.

  • (Coming Soon) Weekly gardening sessions.

  • Holistic therapeutic sessions.

  • Days out to be enjoyed with children.

The women who we support:

Mums In Need provides support to women who have left an abusive relationship, and are experiencing on-going abuse after the relationship has ended.

To receive our help you must:

  • Live in Sheffield or the surrounding areas in South Yorkshire.

  • Have left an abusive (ex) partner.

  • Be experiencing post separation abuse from your ex-partner.

If you feel that you could benefit from using our services please email: enquiries@mumsinneed.com

Impact Report:

Mums In Need work tirelessly to support the mums that need our help. Throughout Covid we have faced challenges that caused delays to us progressing and supporting more women. We endeavour to continue to grow to reach more women who need and deserve our support .

Click on the document to read our full impact report -->

MIN Impact Report.pdf