International Women's Day

By Shreya Agrawal - MIN Admin Volunteer, 8th March 2023.

International Women's Day

International women’s day

International women’s day takes place on the 8th of March every year and is devoted to celebrating the achievements of women worldwide, whilst maintaining gender equality. This predates back to 1914, when on the 8th of March, the women’s suffrage march took place in London, campaigning for women’s right to vote. 

This year the theme is #EmbraceEquity, which recognises the different circumstances each person comes from, and allocates the resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome for all.

Right from the start of life, women face injustices and backlash to their basic rights. On average, worldwide, one in three women will encounter violence, usually from the hands of someone they know, and are paid 24% less than men. Gender inequality is the root cause of this lack of rights and by recognising this, we can help break down barriers and shine a light on women and girls, and their


When outlining the priorities for 2023 at the general assembly, UN Secretary- General António Guterres said ‘Gender equality is both a fundamental human right, and a solution to some of our greatest global challenges. But half of humanity is held back by the most widespread human rights abuse of our time.

Gender equality is a question of power. The patriarchy, with millennia of power behind it, is reasserting itself. The United Nations is fighting back and standing up for the rights of women and girls everywhere’. This illustrates the importance that the fight for women’s rights is continued and their voices continue to be heard.

One example for a big achievement for women, especially for those of colour, that comes to mind is that of the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra Jones. She is one of the only actresses that came from Bollywood and created such a large space for herself in the Hollywood scene. By using this platform she has, she is able to inspire millions of young girls worldwide and acts as a role model for many.

However, even in such large corporations, in a recent interview with the BBC 100 women series, she mentions that she was only receiving 10% of her male co- actors’ salary in Bollywood movies, and it is only during her most recent Hollywood engagement that she has seen this gender pay gap closing.

However, it is also important to celebrate the small achievements that we see around us as well. Every day our Mins fight against coercive control, and right to gain control back of their own lives and for their children. Every day our Mins suffer so many different forms of abuse, from manipulation and gaslighting, to financial and legal control. Their courage and ability to face reality and keep going, is something we wish to highlight this International Women’s Day, as their quiet determination is something that inspires us all greatly here at Mums In Need.