Mums In Need

Mums In Need (MIN) is a Sheffield-based emotional abuse charity. We support mums who have left emotionally/mentally abusive relationships with the parent of their children and who want to rebuild their lives.

We aim to support and help mums to feel more confident and in control of their situation and gain an understanding of exactly what you can do to help yourself and your children. MIN can provide you with the life skills you need so you can overcome your fears and find a way through the intimidation and emotional/psychological abuse.

MIN are understanding, caring and have become experts in this field. We have a great deal of experience, knowledge and understanding about emotional abuse in relationships, as well as having an understanding about how you navigate your way through the family justice system.

If you would like support or want to refer someone, please go to the ‘Get Support’ page for more information about the next steps, or message us in the box below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note: Our waiting list is currently closed and we are not taking new client referrals. We expect to relaunch our full support services in November/December 2019. If you live in Sheffield and require support more urgently, please get in touch by emailing and we will let you know what is currently available.

We are very excited to announce that the amazing and hilarious Sara Pascoe is hosting a comedy benefit in aid of Mums In Need! For more information and tickets visit here.