Mums In Need

Mums In Need (MIN) is a Sheffield-based charity which works on confronting coercive control. We support mums who have left emotionally/mentally abusive relationships with the parent of their children and who are looking to rebuild their lives.

We aim to support and help mums to feel more confident, in control of their situation and gain an understanding of exactly what you can do to help yourself and your children. MIN can provides our service users (Mins) with the life skills you need so you can overcome your fears and find a way through the intimidation and emotional/psychological abuse.

We are experts in our field

For almost ten years, Mums In Need has supported over 200 women who have suffered from emotional/psychological abuse (also known as coercive control).

Having first hand experience with coercive control, Mums In Need is therefore understanding, caring and have become experts in our field. Woman contact us having either found us themselves or been told about us, and we also get referrals from various agencies in South Yorkshire. We have a great deal of experience, knowledge and understanding about emotional abuse in relationships, as well as having an understanding about how you navigate your way through the family justice system.

We have come a long way since we first started, and our now offering a wide range of services, from counselling, to legal support through our Partnership with Keebles, to well-being sessions. See About Us and What We Do for more information.

In 2019, Laura was nominated for Stylist's Remarkable Woman of the Year Award. You can read more about this here.

If you would like support or want to refer someone, please go to theGet Supportpage for more information about the next steps, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

COVID-19: we are still here

No matter where you are or who you are, the world-wide pandemic COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge which is undoubtedly affects all of us. We have gathered a list of resources which we hope might be useful to some of you. Please see Resources for more information.

We continue to confront coercive control, and are taking one new service users. To get in touch, you can either ring 08008527414 or email to contact a MIN Caseworker.

Mums In Need on BBC Look North

We are so excited that BBC Look North came to one of our well-being sessions to find out more about our organisation and all the good work we do at Mums In Need.

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Sara Pascoe Event

Sara Pascoe - MIN's ambassador!

14 February 2020 marked our 2nd birthday as a registered chary!

It's important to remind everyone of why Mums In Need started, and why we are still here today; Mums In Need's work of confronting coercive control is growing in importance. We understand you, we support you.


This video is from our charity night with Sara Pascoe in December 2019.

Fit For Purpose Policy

Over the past few years, Mums In Need has supported over 200 women who have suffered from emotional/psychological abuse (also known as coercive control). Through running our support services, the need for national policy changes became strikingly apparent. Coercive control is now recognised as a crime and yet when victims leave the abusive relationship, they are often left unsupported. We carried out interviews with our staff and the women who have used our support services. From this research, we have developed a set of policy recommendations which, if implemented, would drastically improve the support available to coercive control victims. See the full report below to read about the findings.

Should you have problems with opening the document, please use this link:

Fit For Purpose Policy NEEDS FORMATING