Union Forge Tattoo Studio

The team at Union Forge Studio

Union Forge Tattoo Studio & Ting Studio are neighbouring Sheffield based businesses who have joined forces to become o Mums In Need's latest partnership.

We are delighted to have them both on board with our mission to control coercive control and welcome them to our MIN family.

Union Forge will set aside half a day to create small tattoo's and will donate 50% of the proceeds to MIN. Ting studio will also be donating their yoga services for our Mins to enjoy.

As well as this both businesses will be displaying our MIN charity Tins and MIN posters in their studio. They'll also be arranging other fundraising initiatives and help us to raise awareness via social media.

They also have pledged a lovely space to offer us to host our wellbeing sessions or events.

Thank you Union Forge Tattoo Studio & Ting Studio!

Check Union Forge Tattoo Studio out below:

Check Ting Studio out below: