MIN Teddy Fundraising Game

Temporarily on hold.  

Keep an eye on MIN social media for updates when this initiative will be reinstated.

The MIN Teddy Fundraising Game is a fun and simple way for businesses and workplaces to raise money for Mums In Need.  

The best bit is, the winner receives one of our amazing MIN branded teddies.

*If you would like to take part, we will send you a full information pack that will make the process of fundraising for us, as easy as possible.

The Game:

1) Each name is £1 per guess. There are 50 names to choose from. Each player can make as many guesses as they like. 

2) For each guess, make a note of who has made the guess and the best way to contact them. 

3) Carry on taking the guesses and donations from people until 50 names are all taken. 

4) Once all of the names are taken, you can open the envelope and reveal the winning name (If possible, we would love it if you could video the announcement of the winning name). 

5) Contact the winner and get them to claim their prize. 

Feel free to take a picture of the winner with their prize to use on social media. We would like to publicly thank you for supporting MIN but also this will help to promote more MIN Teddy fundraising in the future.

If you want to get your business or workplace involved, please contact enquiries@mumsinneed.com and we will send you an information pack with full simple instructions. We are also on hand if you need further help on organising it.