Eat, Sleep, Mum, Repeat

New Session: Eat, Sleep, Mum, Repeat. 7.30pm

Exclusive to our Mins. Contact your Caseworker to book.

Karolyn will be running workshops for our Mins which is designed to help other mums, who feel stuck in that; Eat Sleep Mum Repeat; invest time in themselves and create the positive change they want.

More about the workshop:

I created these workshops to share the formula that helped me ‘get unstuck’ so that it can help you get unstuck too.  This formula is's proven!

However, just knowing this formula isn't enough!

To create the positive change we want, we must put this formula into action.

But, that’s easier said than done, isn’t it!

Life is busy!

There are many demands on our attention, especially for busy mums!

There are many things filling our time and preventing us from spending time on what really matters to us!

The challenge lies in actively MAKING the time to create that change….

That’s why I created these workshops.

These workshops are for mums who know they’re ready to Break The Cycle and create positive change, but would like help creating the time to make that happen!

Are you ready to break the cycle?

We invite you to come and join us…

Contact your Caseworker to book!