Clare Sadler: Beyond Instinct.

Clare Sadler - Beyond Instinct

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Clare is a multi-faceted therapist and coach with 23 years of experience helping individuals and organisations thrive under pressure and in uncertainty, without sacrificing mental health or wellbeing. 

She helps people with anxiety and trauma in all its guises and also supports survivors of coercive and controlling behaviour, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. She works with senior leaders and elite athletes (Olympians and World Champions) to help them develop mental resilience, and, optimise performance, learning, and recovery from injury.

An Anxiety and Trauma Resolution Specialist, expert in Mental Performance and Flow, seasoned Executive Coach, and, longstanding Elite Performance Coach, she specialises in recoding the reflexive thoughts, emotions and behaviours usually thought of as beyond conscious control. Her approach is neuroscience backed, practical, and straightforward.

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