MIN Colouring books

Adult's Colouring Book

You've Got This: Colouring Book for those healing from abuse. £4.44. 

Created by Nicola Rickwood. MIN Caseworker.

This amazing colouring book is for adults healing from coercive control and domestic abuse. As a caseworker for Mums In Need charity, I wanted to develop a self-soothing tool that people can use to ground themselves.

'You've Got This' colouring book is a perfect addition to your self-regulation tool kit to aid your healing process. Create and personalise these affirmations to put up and remind yourself how far you have come.

This book is for everyone who has suffered emotional abuse and those still facing post-separation abuse. You aren't alone! And you've got this, take one day at a time. 

Children's Colouring Book

Let your heart speak: Colouring book for children. £4.44.

Created by Nicola Rickwood. MIN Caseworker.

Our wonderful Caseworker has designed this fabulous colouring book that is designed for all children to help with self-esteem and motivation.'

'I wanted to develop a tool for children to use to help them think about their own needs and a place to have their voices heard'.

'Let your heart speak' colouring book is a perfect addition to the self-regulation tool kit, and is available to buy on Amazon now for just £4.44.