Soroptimist Sheffield       

The Soropimist are one of the leading organisations in England and Wales for the benefit of the public across the world, and in particular for the benefit of women and girls to advance their status, position and role in society where currently unequal or disadvantaged. 

The Sheffield based branch have recently chosen Mums In Need as their Charity of the year after we did a presentation at the Soroptimists presidents dinner, late 2021. After seeing the wonderful work that we do, the Soroptimist wanted to help and support MIN. 

They have been a huge support and have hosted multiple fundraising events for MIN, and have been attending face to face fundraising events on behalf of MIN.

They have also been a huge support to help us raise awareness about the charity and our cause.

Thank you Soroptimist! 

Check Soroptimist Sheffield out below: