£5 for 5 years service

Help us to support more mums and their children experiencing coercive control and post separation abuse by donating £5 for 5 years of fantastic work at MIN.

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February marks MIN's 5 year anniversary.

To help us to celebrate, could you donate £5 for 5 years of service?

This will really help us to tackle the impact of coercive control and post separation abuse.

Your donations would make a huge difference to our service delivery, and would improve the types of wellbeing sessions and legal support that we are currently restricted on providing.

Your donations will also help us to reduce our waiting. We currently have a waiting list of 45 with an approximate waiting time of 4-5 months. With your help, we would be able to support more families sooner, and reduce the amount of time that they have to wait to access our services. This will really benefit the mums who contact us and need our support NOW.

See what our mums say:

"There are not enough words to say thank you and describe my gratitude for all the support and kind words I received. Laura and her team are helping me to get through the hardest period of my life - the family court proceedings. Having 1:1 sessions help me to not go crazy with all of the things happening in court. Thank you for all you do.

We are extremely grateful for each and every donation that we receive. They will all make a huge difference to the mums and their families that we support.

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Thank you, 

From all at team MIN.