Janet, Trustees

Heather Chapman joined the Mums in Need trustee board in 2023. Heather has a

long history of working with a variety of charities and supporting them through her networks. Previous work in the health sector has led Heather to understand the importance of wellbeing, and personal experience of raising children with an absent partner, means she has insight to some of the issues facing Mums in Need service users. 

She is enthused to work with a charity that supports women who are bringing up children under stressful conditions. Heather has long been involved in business within South Yorkshire and hopes to use her business acumen and corporate contacts to develop the profile and reach of Mums in Need.

It is an absolute privilege to support MIN. I feel I can bring my skills and knowledge to good use, whilst improving my own leadership and management skills. I love the quote ‘Help the mother help the child’




Participating in the lived-experience leadership project is an empowering opportunity to raise awareness and bring about systemic and societal change while also helping others through trauma. 

It is important to challenge stereotypes and correct the view that society has about women and children who are separated from each other because of domestic violence and post-separation abuse. Perpetrators undermine mothers and use children as weapons in order to maintain power and control. They exploit societal expectations to suit their own agenda and isolate their victims.

 Surrounding yourself with people who understand and can offer practical, non-judgemental support is vital to reclaim your life following coercive control. 

"I am grateful to be able to give back to an organisation that helped me when I was at my lowest. It has been invaluable to gather our lived experiences so that other families don’t have to suffer. In joining ranks we use our collective voice to create better outcomes. We nurture progress and foster social justice. 

In unity there is strength".


Tilika was referred to Mums In Need following an IAPT assessment, after suffering from coercive control and post separation abuse for over 10 years. 

She contacted Mums In Need in 2017 hoping to receive tailored support for her needs.  At the time of contacting MIN, Tilika had already endured years of family courts, fleeing her home and residing in women's refuges. 

Mums In Need helped her to navigate various services. They provided a case worker, ongoing unlimited support, a child friendly environment and multiple wellbeing sessions.

Fast forward to 2023, Tilika has grown in confidence and has become strong enough to help other women and their children through their own journey of post separation abuse.

This is the reason why she joined the LELP programme and is now an Ambassador for Mums In Need.