Upcoming Events

Identifying Narcissists & the effects they have on our lives

10am-12:30pm Tuesday 20th April 2021

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Mums In Need hold numerous wellbeing sessions for our service users in order to help rebuild their confidence and lives.

Dave Kneeshaw is a Sheffield based coach, therapist and corporate trainer who works internationally specialising in designing practical strategies to solve complex problems.

Dave Kneeshaw has facilitated many sessions for the Mins and we are delighted to confirm that Mums In Need and Dave are holding a joint session for the public to attend.

Dave has been pioneering work around Narcissistic and Dark Triads across the last decade, creating and innovating strategies to identify, manage and restrict the impact of Dark Triads (people who have a combination of psychopathic, narcissistic and Machiavellian personalities) in all of our lives.

The session will help you learn about these people, how they can be found in all our lives, our businesses and affecting our loved ones, plus what we can do to support the mums that are affected and what you can do if you are affected too.

For more information about Dave go to www.betterminds.org.uk

Weekly Events

Pilates with Jill

Jill Langley is running weekly pilates sessions on Zoom. Pilates is proven to improve strength and flexibility whilst helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

These sessions are every Tuesday at 11am and Wednesday at 5:45pm.

These sessions have been getting great feedback from our MINs, as can be seen below.

“Jill had a calming effect, even though the sessions were through zoom she explained it all so perfectly”

“I felt really strong after the session and that feeling stayed with me for days after the session”

“Jill is a fantastic pilates instructor.I have noticed a massive improvement in my body and it has influenced my mood as well”

“I’ve been loving the Pilates sessions. I find them so relaxing and therapeutic. They help reduce my anxiety as I can completely switch off”

Jane also has her own website where you can find out more information about her classes: https://www.communitypilatesandexercise.org

Stella Eden - Making Isolation Less Isolating

Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa- making isolation less isolating

Stella is an author, speaker and the founder of Stella’s Open Road Trip & events -helping women affected by domestic abuse to reclaim their power- their inner self. After 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse she found the strength and courage to leave.

Every Tuesday 4pm -4:40pm, Stella invites woman to join her in an afternoon tea from the comfort of your own home. It takes place on zoom and is a women only space for women affected by domestic abuse. Joining the Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa are different guest speakers (one new each week!) which provides tips, guidance, help and support.

Our founder and CEO, Laura Riley has attended several of these session and really recommend them! "Having done a well-being session for our Mins back in 2017, I was super exited about this new project! With acupuncturist and crystal therapist Michelle as guest speaker, we spoke about the power of pressure points and acupuncture in relieving stress, and how these techniques can reduce anxiety and help those who struggle to sleep."

Stella and her sessions are also very popular with our MIN's, with the following feedback being recieved:

"It was lovely seeing smiling faces. It was nice to do something for me”

“Stella is Brilliant. Pure motivation and inspiration to move on.”

“She is very positive and upbeat and encouraging. These session helped me loads”

“Stella is lovely! Her enthusiasm and positivity is catching”

To join, drop her a message via email contact.stellasopenroadtrip@gmail.com

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Stella also has her own webpage where you can learn more about her and her Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa: https://stellasopenroadtrip.online/2020/03/24/virtual-afternoon-tea-at-the-sofa-hosted-by-stella-eden/

If you are one of our MINs and you your or your children are interested in attending any of the events above, please email enquiries@mumsinneed.com

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