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At Mums In Need we aim at providing as many and as broad services as possible for our women

We are currently working on some exiting well-being projects which we will be able to share with you all. They include various online sessions either arranged by Mums In Need, in partnership with Mums In Need, or by someone vetted by our team, and which we are therefore able to recommend. Please see below for more information regarding various sessions, what they are about and how to attend. Due to COVID-19, they will all be online until further notice. We will add to this page on a continuous basis.

Some of these sessions are only for our service users, while some are open to the public and are sessions which we recommend.

For resources which might be useful, especially during COVID-19, please see Resources.

For more information about our services, please see What We Do for more information.

If you or someone you know have experienced domestic abuse, please see Get Support for more information. We are here.

Stella Eden - Making Isolation Less Isolating

Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa- making isolation less isolating

Stella is an author, speaker and the founder of Stella’s Open Road Trip & events -helping women affected by domestic abuse to reclaim their power- their inner self. After 18 years of emotional, psychological, physical and economic abuse she found the strength and courage to leave.

Every Tuesday 4pm -4:40pm, Stella invites woman to join her in an afternoon tea from the comfort of your own home. It takes place on zoom and is a women only space for women affected by domestic abuse. Joining the Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa are different guest speakers (one new each week!) which provides tips, guidance, help and support.

Our founder and CEO, Laura Riley has attended several of these session and really recommend them! "Having done a well-being session for our Mins back in 2017, I was super exited about this new project! With acupuncturist and crystal therapist Michelle as guest speaker, we spoke about the power of pressure points and acupuncture in relieving stress, and how these techniques can reduce anxiety and help those who struggle to sleep."

To join, drop her a message via email contact.stellasopenroadtrip@gmail.com

Follow Mums In Need on social media where we posts about the event weekly!

Stella also has her own webpage where you can learn more about her and her Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa: https://stellasopenroadtrip.online/2020/03/24/virtual-afternoon-tea-at-the-sofa-hosted-by-stella-eden/

Virtual Walk and Talk with Stella Eden

Stella's Virtual Walk and Talk specifically for Mums In Need's service users!

Stella arranged a 30 minutes session on the 13th May with great feedback. We are therefore repeating the success!

If you are one of our service users and interested in attending, please email enquiries@mumsinneed.com

We hope to see as many of our Mins as possible there!

If you also of course join Stella's Virtual Afternoon tea at the Sofa every Friday at 4pm. For more information, please see post above.

Wild and Free - Handmade Products on Etsy

Gorgeous gifts handmade by Victoria Wild, raising money for Mums In Need

Victoria Wild, one of our amazing Mins, creates beautiful, handmade hanging hearts and other gifts. There are so many intricate designs to choose from, either individual or as a garland.

Every month, Vicky has asked someone from the MIN team to choose their favourite item (a difficult choice!) and she will donate the proceeds for the chosen item to MIN.

We'll be posting our chosen design on our instagram each month, but please go to Etsy and have a browse of these lovely items, they make perfect gifts or additions to your home.

To shop, go to WildandFreeNow on Etsy:


Or find your favourite design on instagram at:


1:1 Counselling For Our Service Users

Our amazing counsellor - Heidi Wilke!

Counsellor Heidi Wilke provides our service users with counselling through Mums In Need. With the aim of offering hope during difficult times and healing when they are over, Heidi assist our woman with finding their feet again.

Heidi is an experienced counsellor, having been qualified since 2012, and has a particular interest in the power dynamics of inter-relational abuse due to her own personal experiences. With the aiming to offer hope during difficult times and healing when they are over.

If you are one of service user and would like 1:1 counselling with Heidi, please contact enquiries@mumsinneed.com.

If you are not one of our service users, but would like to receive counselling by Heidi, please visit her website, Haich Counselling, for more information: http://www.haichcounselling.co.uk/

"I have been connected to Mums In Need for a few years now and I offer telephone counselling to women who use Mums In Need's services." - Heidi

Please visit Our Team page to read more about Heidi and the rest of the team at MIN.


Due to the the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to offer face-to-face contact for the foreseeable future, and we will now be supporting our service users remotely. We are working towards allocating our resources so that we can support everyone as best we can. For the time being, we want to reassure you that we are still here. Our phone line is still open and we will still be checking our inbox. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything at all. Please take this offer up if you need to touch base during this period of social distancing, it's going to be particularly difficult for those of us who already feel isolated.