At the start of February Mums in Need decided to start a new social media project. This was #selfcaresunday, a hashtag used to inspire all of you to take a few moments and do something for yourself.

As we went into lockdown, #selfcaresunday has became even more important, the perfect way to unwind, relax, and get ready for the week ahead.

We know that the idea of self care can be a controversial topic with many of us feeling guilty or that it's wrong to take time and indulge ourselves. However, through this hashtag, we want to challenge these ideas and show how important it is not to neglect ourselves. As life gets more hectic, and returns back to ‘normal’, this project encourages everyone to avoid depleting themselves or abandoning the things we do simply for us, and instead make a commitment to be as kind to ourselves as we are to other people.

But you may be wondering, why is it that self care is so important?

Self care is so important because it affirms how important you really are. Self care also allows you to rejuvenate and reset, benefiting to your overall wellness.

Practising self care is shown to benefit your mental, physical and emotional health. This is especially helped through activities such as meditation, yoga, and healthy eating. Practicing self care is also shown to boost self-esteem, increase productivity and help reduce stress and anxiety helping you recharge. Through self care, you also gain a greater knowledge of yourself helping you to find what it is you really enjoy and what makes you feel like you. Then ensuring you make time to practice this regularly.

By making this commitment to care for yourself you become more purposeful in how you choose to spend your free time. This allows for a more balanced lifestyle, spending time to do what you enjoy and gaining the motivation to do the other tasks that you simply need to get done.

Through the hashtag #selfcaresunday we wanted to show you that self care doesn't have to be a large or daunting commitment, and you do not need to be any sort of expert. Self care can take any form and take any amount of time, from 15 minutes to the whole day.

What is important is working out a period of time you can commit to and blocking this out from your calendar. This now forms part of your weekly routine!

On our instagram page we have continued to post our #selfcaresunday inspiration ideas. These include small activities such as enjoying a hot drink, drinking a glass of lemon water in the morning or going for a walk outdoors.

Other tasks we thought would fit our #selfcaresunday routine would be; watching one of our favourite films, relaxing in a hot bubble bath or writing a letter to a friend or family member.

Selfcare is all about enjoying what you are doing and doing it for yourself, purposefully and meaningfully.We want to show that selfcare can be the smallest tasks that you get enjoyment from. These might be things that you may not often have the time to enjoy.

We hope this shows you that self care can be anything, it is simply any gesture of love or kindness to yourself, mind and body.

This project has now grown to be a place for many women to connect in a positive and self loving way. The selfcaresunday hashtag has now become something very powerful globally, used by the likes of Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. We encourage you to try it out for yourself, check out our #selfcaresunday inspiration and tag us on our social media to show us your self care ideas!