July and August at MIN

This July Mums In Need was joined by Andy Freeman from Space to breathe. This was the second of Andy’s wellbeing sessions which use spirituality to help people discover themselves and their place in the world. This helped foster positive wellbeing by teaching simple but useful techniques to manage stress and find a sense of calm and space to breathe everyday.

Stella Eden has also been hosting ‘Virtual Afternoon Tea at the Sofa’ and weekly Walk & Talk sessions via zoom during lockdown. These sessions aim to provide a place of support for those affected by domestic abuse. Feedback shows these sessions help reduce stress, heal and strengthen our immune system. These sessions are also shown to promote self discovery and transformation after domestic abuse. We have received great feedback on the motivating and upbeat atmosphere these sessions create.

Stepping Stones Psychology also hosted the first of their 6 week virtual programme dedicated to women who have experienced childhood trauma or abusive relationships. This was useful to those struggling with self-acceptance and low self-worth as well as those who had faced difficult childhoods or toxic relationships.

Later in the month, Stepping Stones Psychology also offered a free webinar. This looked at attachment and relationships, targeted at adults who had experienced trauma or difficult childhood. This session explored complex trauma resulting from insecure attachment or attachment disruption. This discussed the negative impact trauma can have when it comes to forming relationships, for example the higher risk of engaging in codependent, toxic or abusive relationships.

Mums In Needs’ Laura Riley and Kathy Parsons also spent time this month speaking to Crosspool Women's Institute on the work we do. Laura was also very kindly invited to be a guest speaker at Jill White’s Zoom session. This focused on creative thinking and communication.

This month also saw one of our volunteers Lucy commit to running 5km every day in July! This raised an amazing £430 to help MIN continue the work and support we offer.

Mums In Need also featured in The unLTD "Make Yourself At Home Takeover". This discussed businesses that have been tested during the pandemic. For Mums In Need the pandemic saw the strengthening and expansion of our team, as well as the provision of vital online resources such as online Pilates run by Jil Langley and Stella Eden’s virtual sessions.

In August we were joined by Roger Cheetham. Roger hosted a Building Resilience Workshop for children, which focused on developing resilience and overcoming adversity. This helped teach young people how to take the focus off themselves and put it on to helping others.

This month also saw the Mega Party Experience host our first Children's party. This received brilliant feedback from both the children and parents and we look forward to hosting more summer parties in the future!

Finally, this month marked our media and marketing and fundraising volunteer Clarisse’s Year anniversary at MIN! She has been helping Mum's In Need by creating social media posts about political engagement and helping organise numerous fundraising campaigns. Clarisse is a very valued member of the team and we are so grateful for everything she has done for over the past year!