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If you feel like becoming a Trustee at Mums In Need and becoming part of a dedicated team is a role you would enjoy, we hope to hear from you!

Our trustee application form can be found at the bottom of this page

We are seeking new Trustees to join our Board at Mums In Need. Do you have experience and knowledge in the area of HR, legal and professional experience with domestic abuse? Then we want you!

We are a Sheffield based charity, created and developed to support mothers who have left emotionally abusive relationships. We are a small charity with a skilled and dedicated team of staff and volunteers who aim to develop an effective “needs led” service for this vulnerable group. We are at an exciting point in our development, we moved to new premises in the New Year and strengthening our Board of Trustees and Volunteers team is a priority and key to the successful future of the charity. It is our aim to strengthen our core team, this will enable us to move forward with direction and focus to ensure we continue to offer our high standard of service to mums in need.

Mums In Need offers practical guidance and emotional support to Mums who have left emotionally abusive partners. We support women who struggle to get help elsewhere because they are no longer with their partners and their abuse is not deemed ‘high risk’ enough to be supported by other organisations. We aim to help our Mums gain an understanding of exactly what they can do to rebuild their lives and their confidence. Our support includes access to legal and financial guidance, peer group support via coffee mornings, one-to-one sessions, empowerment and holistic therapies. together with a range of other services to provide our mums with the tools they need to rebuild their lives.

"Becoming a Trustee of a charity is a very fulfilling opportunity, knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others and making a difference in our community is extremely rewarding." - MIN Trustee

For more information about our our current Board of Trustees, please see Our Team.

Mums In Need makes a massive difference in the lives of women who are very vulnerable and often lost in the system with nowhere to turn for help and support. To enable us to continue to make this positive impact in our community we need a strong Board of Trustees to provide us with the expertise and guidance needed to support the delivery of our services by our dedicated team.

Trustees are legally accountable for the operation of the charity; its property, finances, employment of staff and the wellbeing of the volunteers. We are seeking enthusiastic and committed Trustees to join our team of existing Board of Trustees. Ideal candidates will have experience of one or more of the following – Domestic Abuse, Governance, Human Resources, Fundraising or previous Third Sector experience as this would strengthen our existing Board and support future organisation.

If you have previous experience at Board level or feel you have a skill that would strengthen our team you could be just the person we need to guide and assist us into the future.

Applicants should understand the duties and responsibilities of being a Trustee. A comprehensive induction programme will be given to successful candidates.


The Mums In Need Board meets six times a year, usually on a Wednesday during the afternoon for two hours, at our Sheffield office. All Trustees are expected to attend all Board meetings.

Main Tasks of our Trustees

  • Take part in quarterly meetings and regularly review the strategic aims of the charity.
  • Ensure we as a charity are working within our aims and within the rules, legal and financial requirements of the Charity Commission and the Charity.
  • Provide strategic vision, specific skills, contacts and guidance to the staff and volunteers of the Charity, supporting the Charity by promoting the Charity’s purpose, values, strategy and upcoming events. Exercising reasonable care and skill using your knowledge and experience to always act in the best interest and benefit of Mums In Need.
  • Make decisions in conjunction with the other Board members that will assist Mums In Need achieve its aims and objectives.

Mums In Need was founded by Laura Riley who is a true inspiration to everyone she meets. Her vision as Founder and CEO supporting women for whom there is no support elsewhere is inspirational to everyone she meets. We hope you feel inspired to join us!

Trustee Role Description

Trustee Responsibilities

The Trustees have responsibility for directing the affairs of Mums In Need, ensuring that it is financially viable and delivering the charitable aims and objectives as set out in its constitution. They must ensure compliance with legal requirements and The Charity Commission regulations. They have a responsibility for the governance of the organisation and a duty of care towards staff, volunteers and clients.

The Trustees of Mums In Need (MIN) have a joint responsibility to:

  • Approve the organisation’s mission statement and review the staff’s performance in achieving it
  • Review and approve the organisation’s financial goals
  • Annually review and approve the organisation’s budget
  • Develop and approve policies
  • Regularly discuss with the CEO matters that are of concern to them or to the Board
  • Approve the staffs work plans and review their performance
  • Approve the performance of the Board of Trustees and take steps to improve its performance
  • Review the results achieved by the staff team in relation to the organisation’s aims and objectives
  • Be certain that the financial structure of the organisation is adequate for its current needs and its long- range strategy
  • Be assured that the Board is adequately and currently informed through reports and other methods of the condition of the organisation and its operations
  • Review the compliance with relevant laws affecting the organisation

Our CEO & Founder, Laura on a networking event in London in February earlier this year with our Board Secretary, Andrea.

Being a trustee gives you the opportunity to attend various exiting networking events!

Trustees must:

  • Act in the charity's interests only (not their own)
  • Act with integrity and avoid any personal conflicts of interest
  • Exercise reasonable care and skill, using their knowledge and experience to ensure the charity is well run
  • Avoid activities that might place the charity’s property, funds, assets or reputation at undue risk

To fulfil these responsibilities properly, Trustees must keep up-to-date with what the organisation is doing and make sure they are informed about its activities and financial position. All Trustees are expected to give enough time and energy to making sure that the above responsibilities are met.

The minimum contribution from board members is :

  • To attend the regular board meetings, which are held every other month, and prepare themselves by reading relevant papers.
  • A weekly input is required for approximately three hours. We are a small charity where the trustees play a crucial role in the governing of the organisation.
  • In addition to the responsibilities listed above, Trustee roles might include involvement with the recruitment of staff, development of policy documents, fundraising, media contact or promoting the organisation and other activities which are distinct from the day to day running of the organisation. They also have roles as set out in other MIN policies. Generally, trustees are concerned with the governance of the organisation, rather than the day to day running of the organisation, which is the responsibility of paid staff.

Essential Skills and Attributes - all trustees must have the following skills and attributes :

  • Commitment to fulfilling the mission of Mums In Need
  • Agreement with, and willingness to uphold, the aims and ethos of the organisation
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of trusteeship
  • Willingness to give necessary time and effort to their duties as a trustee
  • Ability to listen
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Integrity, honesty, tolerance and patience
  • Willingness to act in the best interests of MIN
  • Understanding of working with confidential material
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team
  • Willingness to learn, especially new systems and social media (G Suite, WhatsApp, Facebook)

Desirable Experience

As a priority, we are seeking Trustees who have experience in one or more of these areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations
  • Fundraising
  • Campaigning
  • Computer skills
  • Legal skills

Our CEO, Laura and Treasurer, Rhian in the office

  • In addition to these, the Board of Trustees collectively needs skills and experience in the following areas:
  • Setting targets, monitoring and evaluating performance and programmes
  • Financial management and income generation
  • Information Technology/Social media
  • Charity/Business Management
  • Counselling/Therapy
  • Charity law/criminal law/family law/housing law
  • Public Relations

As a Trustee, the commitment and energy you display will make a direct difference to the charity and everyone it helps. You do not have to be a hero or famous to change lives for the better – trusteeship allows you to do just that.

Being a trustee can be hard work and is unpaid. Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running a charity, for its property, finances and the employment of any staff or volunteers.

Being a trustee is immensely rewarding, providing both expected and unexpected opportunities for personal development. Whilst you bring your skills and energy to the running of the organisation, you will also find you are gaining new experiences and knowledge.

For our current Board of Trustees, please see follow the link to Our Team.

Please email if you have any queries.

Trustee Application Form

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Trustee Application Form

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