Media & Marketing Volunteer

We are recruiting!

We are currently seeking volunteer to join our Media & Marketing Team.

The purpose of our Media & Marketing Team includes promoting, developing and maintaining MIN's online presence in order to maximise our fundraising efforts and enable us to support as many mums as possible. We also aim to raise awareness of the issues around coercive control in relationships and the challenges which occur following the breakdown of an abusive relationship.

If you would like to join our team, please see application form and role description below.

Please send any applications or enquiries about this role to the Media & Marketing Team Lead, Andrea Moen:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Our team currently consists of five volunteers and one team lead. All volunteers have their area which they focuses on within the team, including operational, services, fundraising and political engagement.

Please see Our Team to read all about the current Media & Marketing Team!

Media & Marketing Volunteer Role Description

Click the blue Document below to view the Media & Marketing Volunteer Role Description:

Role Description - Social Media Volunteer

Application Form

Please see below for application form. Download preferred version of our application and email your application to We look forward to reviewing your application!

Media & Marketing Application Form

Microsoft Word Version

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Media & Marketing Vol Application Form.docx

Media & Marketing Application Form

Google Docs Version

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Media & Marketing Application Form Template