Fundraising Ideas

If you would like to get involved with fundraising, but stuck for ideas, check out our list of ideas:

  • £2023 in 2023 for MIN - could you take part in a fundraiser this year, and help us to achieve our goal for 2023?

  • EGG Hunt - Organise an egg hunt for the Children and their friends this Easter, and ask the grown ups to make a donation for entering the competition.

  • 100 Club -Join our 100 Club lottery. Simply purchase a ticket (or as many as you like) and be placed into our private lottery each month.

  • Birthday Fundraisers - It's easy - all you have to do is set up a just giving account, and ask your family and friends for a donation instead of a gift!

  • Amazon Wish List - purchase an item from our Amazon wish list which will then be delivered directly to our office.

  • Give as you live - Raise money while you do your regular shopping online.

  • Run for Min - If you are an avid runner, or a newbie you could take part in your local runs and be sponsored for something that you already do for fun!

  • Walk for Min - If running simply isn't your thing, why not be sponsored to walk a certain amount of steps in a month. Get sponsored to get fit!

  • Swim for Min - could you be sponsored to swim 10 miles for Min?

  • Group workout – get fit, get active and workout with friends whilst raising money.

  • Football tournament – charge for team entry and run a goal competition at half time.

  • Abseil or Zipwire - Arrange a group of friends to do something daring and exciting, and ask your friends to sponsor you.

  • Pamper party – relax after a busy week and raise some money. Invite your friends round for a night of homemade pampering, charge for treatments and donate the proceeds.

  • Bingo Night - get your friends over for a night of bingo - any winnings can be split and donated!

  • Games night - Whether it is a game of cards or a pub quiz, there are lots of opportunities to raise money for MIN while having fun!

  • Sweepstakes - Could you pledge to donate a percentage of your winnings?

  • Bake sale - This is a great opportunity for whatever setting you are in. You could arrange a sale in the office, or invite the girls around for an afternoon tea.

  • Tuck shop - arrange an array of snacks for the office, or your local play group and ask for donations to be made.

  • Brunch at work – depending on your workspace, bring in breakfast (pancakes, cereals, toast, smoothies, juices) and charge for a plate.

  • Give it up - If you have a bad habit that you would love to give up, such as smoking or drinking, let us be the extra push you need! You could donate the money you save every month to us!

  • Meatless month – are you a meat lover but want to cut down on eating meat? Why not be sponsored to do this for a month?

  • Beard shaving - If you have a special relationship with the much loved beard - get sponsored to shave it off

  • MIN Teddy Game - This is a great one for any setting - Request a MIN teddy and each player to guess the bears name, for £1 a guess. The lucky dip winner wins the bear, and the proceeds go to MIN.

  • How many Sweets are in the Jar - Count how many sweets are in the jar, and ask players to make a nominal fee - the player with the closest guess wins the sweets

  • Raffle – organise a raffle or prize draw and sell tickets to your friends and family.

  • Ebay – sell unwanted, used or handmade items on Ebay and donate the proceeds.

  • Carboot - sell your unwanted items and donate the proceeds.

  • Abseil or Zipwire - Arrange a group of friends to do something daring and exciting, and ask your friends to sponsor you.

  • Matched giving - ask your employer if they take part in supporting you to support charities!

Once you have raised money for us, you can make your donation here!

Thank you for taking the time to consider support us! Every bit of support we receive is truly appreciated.