Ways to Fundraise

Here at Mums In Need we always encourage people to fundraise in their own unique way! Fundraising should not be boring either, in fact here are some ways to FUNdraise instead:

  • Let's Get Quizzical - Why not gather a group of your closest 'The Chase' lovers and challenge them to a quiz? Get in contact with local pubs or halls in your area and see if they will allow you to host a quiz free of charge! Nothing gets people together quite like some good old fashioned competition to see who's the cleverest.
  • Let them eat cake - Bake Sales are a brilliant (and delicious) way to raise funds for our charity! Why not try out that Bake Off Showstopper you watched Paul Hollywood give a handshake for, or see if you can perfect your Grandma's Victoria Sponge recipe? If it's good enough for Marie Antoinette, it's good enough for the rest of the public!
  • You must be Kare-joking - No one can be held responsible for what happens after a few drinks so, why not charge your friends £1 a song and make them sing for charity! Don't Stop Believing you can do this, be a Dancing Queen before your friends and family start shouting for you to Stop! (right now, thank you very much)
  • A (not so fun) Fun Run - We're not expecting you to become Mo Farah over night, but entering a fun run could be a great way to build up your fitness and make some money for a great cause. Why not see if there are any local colour runs in your area to make a not so fun fun run, a bit more fun?
  • Wax going on here?! - This could be a great idea for within the work place and have a charity wax off. Get back at your annoying co-workers (obviously with their permission) by waxing them for money, the more painful the place, the more money has to be donated.