Corporate Partnerships

What We Do

Mums In Need (MIN) is a Sheffield-based charity that works on confronting coercive control. We support mums who have left emotionally/mentally abusive relationships with the parent of their children and who are looking to rebuild their lives.

We aim to support and help mums to feel more confident, in control of their situation and gain an understanding of exactly what they can do to help themselves and their children. MIN can provide our service users (Mins) with the life skills they need so they can overcome their fears and find a way through intimidation and emotional/psychological abuse.

We love working with corporate partners and can work with you to develop a bespoke package to suit your needs and fundraising targets.

Why Partner With Us?

Mums In Need is a small local charity, so you can really get to know us and be sure that all money raised will be spent in your local community.

There are also many benefits for your organisation in partnering with us including:

  • Engaging and empowering your employees

  • Positive publicity for your business through our active Social Media team

  • Demonstrating your commitment to tackling the effects of emotional abuse

Every Pound Counts!

We are a small local charity - we rely on grants fundraising and donations to fund our vital services.

Could pay for an hour long 1 -to- 1 counselling session; a vital part of the road to recovery.

Could pay for one month of 1-to-1 case worker support, online resources and regular telephone contact.

Would allow us to provide childcare support at our wellbeing sessions leaving participants free to focus on themselves.

Could pay for our specialised case management system.


Of our service users said their mental health had improved since receiving support from Mums In Need.


Of our service users said, support from Mums In Need has had a positive impact on their personal life and helped improve their relationships with friends and family.

Other Ways To Get Involved

There are also are a number of quick and easy ways that you and your employees can support Mums In Need and here are just a few:

  • Sponsor our 100 Club lottery

  • Join our 100 Club lottery

  • Sign up to Payroll giving

  • Every Penny Helps scheme

  • Donate used IT equipment

  • Take part in fundraising events

  • Volunteer to support our services

Also, we are always eager to discuss potential Charity of the Year partnerships with local businesses!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you would like to become a partner of Mums In Need, please contact us on