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Why Partner with us?

Mums In Need is a small local charity who have a mission to confront coercive control.

We believe that we can grow the charity into something beautiful, with the support from local businesses.

With your companies help, we hope that we can:

  • Support MORE women in the local area.

  • REDUCE our waiting list.

  • Provide even MORE variety of wellbeing sessions.

  • Support women from outside the local area.

With your support, we will really be able to make a difference to the lives of the women who use our charity.

There are many benefits for your organisation in partnering with us including:

  • Engaging and empowering your employees

  • Positive publicity for your business through our active Social Media team

  • Demonstrating your commitment to tackling the effects of emotional abuse

Could you help us to make a difference?

Here at Mums In Need, we aim to do everything we can for the women who reach out to us. With your companies help, we can do and achieve more than we ever have before as we utilise each other's skills and assets to mutually benefit one another.

Find out how other businesses have partnered with Mums in Need here.

There are a number of ways that your company could support MIN.

Sponsor our 100 Club

The 100 Club is Mums In Need's very own private monthly lottery.

  • Anyone can play (18+). Buy a ticket for £2, the more tickets you buy the better chance of winning.

  • The winner gets 40% of the pot. 10% goes to a Christmas bonus and the rest is donated to MIN.

By sponsoring our 100 Club you will be helping us to raise presence in the community, and also help us to raise more funds.

We have 3 different levels of sponsorship to suit individual businesses, from just £50 per month.

Want to find out more? Click on the package to the right --->

We would be delighted for you to enrol onto our sponsorship package. To get the process started, email

Corporate Sponsorship (6).pdf

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Other ways to get involved:

There are plenty of ways to support MIN, that doesn't necessarily have to cost your business a penny;

  • Like and Share our posts on social media.

  • Host a MIN charity tin for us.

  • Play the MIN Teddy game - winner gets a FREE MIN branded teddy

  • Organise an event for us

  • Fundraise for us.

Want to find out more? Click on the package to the right --->

How to Support MIN.pdf

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If you would like to support us in any way, we would love to hear from you. You can contact us at

Fundraise for us

There are loads of ways for your business to fundraise for us. Here are a few ideas, or click here for a full list.

Help us raise funds by donating their loose change. Give all those 2ps and 5ps collecting uselessly at the bottom of your purse or wallet.

Take a designated ‘penny purse’ on a night out and encourage your friends to put their change into it after buying a round.

Or host a ‘penny party’ where everyone brings their own wine, pizzas and snacks and compile all your change into one donation.

Every penny really does count.

Why not gather groups of your co-workers challenge them to a quiz? Get in contact with local pubs or halls in your area and see if they will allow you to host a quiz free of charge! Nothing gets people together quite like some good old fashioned competition to see who's the cleverest.

Which department will win?

No one can be held responsible for what happens after a few drinks so, why not charge your friends and co-workers £1 a song and make them sing for charity! Might even find some hidden superstars in your mix!

Entering a fun or obstacle mud run could be a great way to build up your fitness and team-building while making some money for a great cause. Why not see if any local events are happening and get the team together.

Bake Sales are a brilliant (and delicious) way to raise funds for our charity! Why not try out that Bake Off Showstopper you watched Paul Hollywood give a handshake for, or see if you can perfect your Grandma's Victoria Sponge recipe?

We love working with corporate partners. If your company shares our passion and commitment to confronting coercive control and helping vulnerable mothers, please reach out to us at