Corporates- Get Involved

Why Partner with us?

Mums In Need is a small local charity, so you can really get to know us and be sure that all money raised will be spent in your local community.

There are also many benefits for your organisation in partnering with us including:

  • Engaging and empowering your employees

  • Positive publicity for your business through our active Social Media team

  • Demonstrating your commitment to tackling the effects of emotional abuse

Why not help us to make a difference?

Here at Mums In Need, we aim to do everything we can for the women who reach out to us. With your companies help, we can do and achieve more than we ever have before as we utilise each other's skills and assets to mutually benefit one another. Find out how other businesses have partnered with Mums in Need here.

IT Recycling - Donate your old tech


We can help you dispose of your outdated IT equipment safely and securely and provide you with a professional Disposal Certificate, at ZERO COST.

To get started, all you need to do is send an email to

Other ways to get involved:

There are also are a number of quick and easy ways that you and your employees can support Mums In Need and here are just a few:

  • Sponsor our 100 Club lottery

  • Host a MIN charity tin

  • Join our 100 Club lottery

  • Sign up to Payroll giving

  • Every Penny Helps scheme

  • Donate used IT equipment

  • Take part in fundraising events

  • Volunteer to support our services

Also, we are always eager to discuss potential Charity of the Year partnerships with local businesses!

Fundraising ideas

Why not gather groups of your co-workers challenge them to a quiz? Get in contact with local pubs or halls in your area and see if they will allow you to host a quiz free of charge! Nothing gets people together quite like some good old fashioned competition to see who's the cleverest.

Which department will win?

Bake Sales are a brilliant (and delicious) way to raise funds for our charity! Why not try out that Bake Off Showstopper you watched Paul Hollywood give a handshake for, or see if you can perfect your Grandma's Victoria Sponge recipe?

No one can be held responsible for what happens after a few drinks so, why not charge your friends and co-workers £1 a song and make them sing for charity! Might even find some hidden superstars in your mix!

Entering a fun or obstacle mud run could be a great way to build up your fitness and team-building while making some money for a great cause. Why not see if any local events are happening and get the team together.

We love working with corporate partners. If your company shares our passion and commitment to confronting coercive control and helping vulnerable mothers, please reach out to us at

We can develop a bespoke package to suit your needs, or if your company wish to hold a fundraising event for us, we can help set this up for you and help you reach your donation target.