Why Partner with us?

Mums In Need is a small local charity, so you can really get to know us and be sure that all money raised will be spent in your local community.

There are also many benefits for your organisation in partnering with us including:

  • Engaging and empowering your employees

  • Positive publicity for your business through our active Social Media team

  • Demonstrating your commitment to tackling the effects of emotional abuse

Business Partnerships

Laura Norman of

Chroma Marketing

Laura launched her company Chroma Marketing in 2018, and has since worked with over 100 SMEs and non-profits to help them build their marketing strategy. Laura launched this business while starting her final year at university, and working two part time jobs. The idea for Chroma came around when Laura, having worked in agencies and volunteered for companies like Kirkwood Hospice, Discover Huddersfield and Uniform Exchange, noticed that organisations weren’t getting a marketing strategy when seeking out support, but project deliverables such as a website that they didn’t then really know what to do with. That’s why Chroma Marketing’s primary function is a consultancy, because they’re there to help people truly understand what they’re doing, how to do it, and the impact it’s going to have. Aside from running the business, Laura is an avid traveller, reader and very much amateur cook. She’s visited over 23 countries so far, and is on track to tick off as many cities in the UK as possible by the time she’s 30 - currently sitting at 16/69.

City Taxis

Mums In Need have been City Taxis' incubator charity for the past year, but our work City Taxis reaches much further back than that as they helped us at a crucial time during our early days.

City Charity Mums in Need.mp4

How City Taxis have been supporting us throughout 2020 & 2021.

We love working with corporate partners. If your company shares our passion and commitment to confronting coercive control and helping vulnerable mothers, please reach out to us at

We can develop a bespoke package to suit your needs, or if your company wish to hold a fundraising event for us, we can help set this up for you and help you reach your donation target.

Find out other ways to help us from our Corporate - Get Involved page