100 Club

Want to be in with a chance of winning a small sum of money every month, for only £2? Join our 100 Club!

How does it work?

A 100 Club is a form of private lottery where you sign up to buy a monthly ticket at the cost of £2, or £24 for the entire year, and you will be given a unique number that will be entered into a monthly draw. When the tickets are drawn, 50% of the profit goes to that month’s winner, and 50% goes to the charity.

How will it help Mums In Need?

The money raised will provide us with a continuous form of funding, helping us with anything from keeping the office running, making sure there is ink in our printer and electricity in our phones, to the big things like staff salaries to ensure that we can support as many women as we can.

Who can join?

Absolutely anyone- the more, the merrier! So tell your family and friends all about it if you think they’d like to be in with a chance of winning!

How do I join?

Once we know that we have a sufficient amount of members, we will send out an application form along with a direct debit form. All you have to do then is fill out the form, and if you’re paying by cash or cheque, return this amount to Mums In Need, and if you’re paying by direct debit, return the direct debit form. And then you’re in!