Happy Birthday to us!

The 14th February marks a double celebration for everyone here at MIN as not only does Valentine’s Day roll around but so does our birthday! One year ago today, Mums In Need became a registered charity, and since then we have been working to provide the best support for those who we champion each and every day. The fact that we get to couple our birthday with a day devoted entirely to love makes it even more special.

Because regardless of relationship status, whether you celebrate or fiercely hate this holiday, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t simply be devoted to those with a romantic partner, but all of us with people that we care about. Because everyone has someone that they are grateful for, someone that they love, and MIN wants to celebrate just that at this one year mark and thank all those special people close to MIN’s gigantic heart.

Our heart could not grow any bigger for our fantastic volunteers, the people who selflessly dedicate so much of their time to help our cause. Our volunteers fulfil a wide range of roles, from managing our social media to organising our office; they really make our world go around. We appreciate how much hard work they put in, and their dedication to MIN warms our hearts every day.

We hope that cupid doesn’t forget about our loyal supporters, those who donate and find their own ways to contribute towards our charity. From those with MIN tins in their businesses, to those who organise their own events and donate the proceeds to our charity, we could not be more grateful for what you do for us. Your love and support is felt by Mums In Need all year round.

We can’t help but swoon over our staff Faye and Danielle, the amazing duo that work tirelessly to ensure that we help as many women as we can while delivering a high-quality support service. Not only that, but they also organise and oversee some of our fundraising events, and support the social media team. Their hard work means that Mums In Need continues to grow and is able to reach more and more people.

And last, but most definitely not least, our heart skips a beat for our founder and inspiration, Laura Riley. Her determination is what keeps us all going, motivating us to spread her message and do all that we can to build the charity that she created. We are particularly delighted this year as her inspirational story has gained national recognition as she is shortlisted for the ‘Inspiration of the Year’ award at Stylist magazine’s Remarkable Women Awards. To read Laura’s interview with Stylist and find out how to vote, click here: https://www.stylist.co.uk/people/vote-remarkable-woman-awards-inspiration-of-the-year-inspirational-you-black-ticket-project-mums-in-need/248988

Mums In Need are incredibly grateful to be celebrating our first birthday and Valentine’s Day with these brilliant people, people who make what we do each and every day worth it, and we can’t wait to see what our second birthday brings!