Frequently Asked Questions

Please note:

Since Covid all of our services have been taking place remotely via Zoom.

The services that we provide are as follows: Wellbeing peer group support sessions, 1:1 sessions with a case worker, Mindfulness session, looking at Stress and Resilience. Other workshops, holistic therapies, Legal and financial advice talks, and support for children.

We also provide counselling. There is no set charge for the support we offer, however we do ask those mums accessing our service to contribute for a small donation of £5 per month if they can afford to do so.

What is emotional abuse?

Please see the 'What is Coercive Control' on our website.

What type of support can I access? Will it cost me anything?

We provide an environment where mothers feel they can speak freely and share their experience in a safe place where mutual and peer support is provided. Please note: for the next few months we will be offering a reduced service due to changes in the charity. Once we resume running a full service we hope to offer monthly coffee mornings, peer group support, 1:1 sessions, stress management workshops, holistic therapies, legal and financial advice talks, and support for children. There is no set charge for the support we offer, however we do ask for a small donation of £5 per month if they can afford to do so.

How quickly will you contact me after I’ve got in touch?

We are a small organisation run mainly by a team of volunteers however we will try and contact you as soon as possible. If you have requested support, a member of our team will be in touch and will send you a pre-screening consultation form which we will ask you to complete. Once we have received this we will get you booked in for a consultation within 2 weeks.

I’m still with my abusive partner, can I still get support?

Unfortunately, we only offer support to mothers who are no longer in a relationship with their abusive partner.

I’ve left an emotionally abusive relationship but don’t have children. Am I eligible for support from you?

We only offer support to mothers who have left emotionally abusive relationships. However, there are other charities which you can go to for help. If you are based in Sheffield, you can contact DACT (Sheffield Domestic Abuse Co-Ordination Team)

What groups can I attend?

You are welcome to attend any groups you feel may be of benefit to you.

Could you represent me in court?

We are not solicitors and we will not speak for you in court. We do however, offer legal support in partnership with Sheffield based legal firm, Keebles. Keebles family law department offers solicitors who are sensitive and knowledgeable about abusive relationships. We also know of a few friendly female family law solicitors in Sheffield who are very experienced with domestic abuse cases.

What is child maintenance and does my partner need to pay it?

Child maintenance is regular financial support towards the cost of raising your child from your ex-partner. It also helps keep both parents involved in their children’s lives. You can arrange the child maintenance agreement between yourselves or, if you can’t agree, you can try mediation or ask the Child Maintenance Service (formerly the Child Support Agency or CSA), or the courts to get involved. To learn more about child maintenance click here:

Is a family-based arrangement right for me?

You arrange the child maintenance agreement between yourself and your ex-partner. This would mean having to have some form of communication with your ex-partner. To learn more about family-based arrangements click here:

Is a statutory arrangement right for me?

If there’s a breakdown in communications with your ex-partner – or worse – the Child Maintenance Service will work out the child maintenance amount and, if necessary, collect it and pass it on. To learn more about statutory arrangements click here: